Frequently Asked Questions

The leather finishes that we use are waterborne coatings. Because of this it is necessary for the moisture in the coating to dissipate to a certain degree before the leather can be placed back into service. When we refinish a leather item the majority of the moisture dissipates within minutes and is dry to the touch almost immediately. At that point, if it is necessary, it could be put back into service. However, it is best if it can be left for 2 hours, after that it is about 90% cured. It will reach full strength, 100% cure in about 72 hours. The difference between the coating at 2 hours of cure and 72 hours of cure is chemical resistance. When the finish is fresh it can be removed if wiped with anything stronger than water. After the 72 hour period the finish is resistant to strong chemical and can be treated with leather conditioners, cleaned with leather cleaners, etc. without any concerns.
No! The leather refinishing process we use is a two-step basecoat topcoat system. The base coat’s may vary depending on the application. Furniture finishes are typically lighter and softer whereas auto basecoats are thicker and more durable. The basecoat contains the color matched pigments. The reason for this is that the basecoat is more sticky and flexible. This means it can hold the solid particle pigments and not crack over time and it also adheres to the substrate better. The function of the topcoat is to provide the durability and feel. Both the basecoat and topcoat are crosslinked with an additive that imparts greater strength and chemical resistance. What this means for you is that the coating will not come off on your clothing when you sit on it.
Yes, it is possible to change the color of your leather. These type of projects need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.
The new leather finish is a tannery grade OEM finish that we purchase from major leather chemical suppliers. The best answer we can give to this question is that the leather finish will last like the original finish. There are many variables that can affect the durability of the finish. For instance, the bolster of a auto seat that has been refinished will wear out quicker if it is used by a 220 lb. man as opposed to a 110 lb. woman. So, we cannot say how long it will last. We can say that the finish we use will last as well as the original finish.
In most cases, no! Most leathers, about 95% are a finished leather. So, all we are doing is applying the same type of finish that is already on the leather and it has no effect on the feel of the leather. The only time it may have a slightly different feel is if apply the finish to a unfinished type of leather; aniline, nubuck, etc. There are some advantages to doing this, especially if they have become stained and faded over time, but we would explain and do a sample for you before we would proceed with the project.

No! Leather finishes typically fade because they have been finished with dyes, (not pigments), or low-quality pigments. The pigments we use are of the highest quality, 8/96 rated and will not fade. There are some occasions where you may opt for your leather item to restored using dye but the benefits and downsides will be explained at that time.