Frequently Asked Questions

The leather finishes that we use are waterborne coatings. Because of this it is necessary for the moisture in the coating to dissipate to a certain degree before the leather can be placed back into service. When we refinish a leather item the majority of the moisture dissipates within minutes and is dry to the touch almost immediately. At that point, if it is necessary, it could be put back into service. However, it is best if it can be left for 2 hours, after that it is about 90% cured. It will reach full strength, 100% cure in about 72 hours. The difference between the coating at 2 hours of cure and 72 hours of cure is chemical resistance. When the finish is fresh it can be removed if wiped with anything stronger than water. After the 72 hour period the finish is resistant to strong chemical and can be treated with leather conditioners, cleaned with leather cleaners, etc. without any concerns.