Leather And Vinyl Restoration And Repair

Pioneer Leather Restoration is a top rated leather and vinyl restoration and repair company in Orange County, California.  We have taken great pride in restoring the original luster and beauty of natural natural leather or vinyl since 1997.

Types of Services Available

We specialize in the restoration and repair of many types of leather including auto, marine, aviation, furniture and more.

Deep Cleaning & Protection

Professional cleaning and maintenance extend the life of your leather and keep it looking and feeling like new.

Minor Damage Repair

Repair can transform minor damage caused by scratches, tears, and gouges to bring back the original beauty of your leather.

Color Restoration

Restoration and recoloring can refresh faded and stained surfaces to their original appearance or provide a totally new aesthetic for your leather.



Since 1997, we have taken great pride in restoring the original luster and beauty of natural leather to multi-million dollar classic Ferrari's, Gulfstream airplanes, yachts, luxury leather couches, loveseats and chairs. We love to see our clients’ reaction to the complete restoration of their prized possessions. Check out our gallery for before and after pictures of our work.



Almost all upholstery leather has some sort of protective finish on it whether it be polyurethane or another material. In time, this coating deteriorates. However, the underlying leather itself is usually preserved.We use a time-tested process of cleaning and preparing the existing finish before applying a new finish.The result: the leather is restored to its original condition, it looks brand new, and is protected from further wear and tear.



Leather repair is necessary when the material has tears, scratches, or gouges. When these are addressed while small, our time-tested process can restore your leather to its original beauty! In most cases, the repair is invisible and virtually impossible to detect – even to the discerning eye!

Before & After Gallery